Residential & Commercial
Property Transactions


The success of a residential or commercial real estate deal hinges on securing a detailed knowledge of a given market.

Conducting & Coordinating
Settlement Procedures


We handle all closing procedures and provide final loan instructions to the closing agent along with the lender documentation.

Liens & Debts
Attachments Handled


We handle the search of public records including deeds, mortgages, and other debts that might be attached to the property.


Home Title Services


We are experienced in all types of real estate transactions which includes both residential and commercial property.


Residential and commercial real estate transactions
Title search of land records (full search or limited rundown)
UCC searches (state and local filings)
Escrow services for deposits, documents, post-closing matters
Preparation of settlement documents
Conducting and/or coordinating settlements
Title insurance (commitments, policies and endorsements)